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I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul. Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in the "nomorefat" journal:
October 28th, 2006
06:50 pm


Pat myself on the back.
My coworker just offered me some of her amazing smelling greasefest pomazone and I said, "No thank you!"
06:42 pm


I hate livejournal.
I cannot get my journal to let people leave me comments. I'm getting angry.

If anyone can offer any suggestions on how to fix this, email me living.with.ghosts@gmail.com pretty please.

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05:25 pm


Day One!
Weight 155

Soup in Hand Italian Wedding Soup - 90 cal
Three Musketeers Bar - 260
(I'll be adding more as the day progresses)

I decided to keep track of calories for things I know.

I went on ahead and had chocolate because I know the rest of my calories for today are pretty low, and having some chocolate keeps me sane!

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01:08 am


My Goals
I want to lose 20 pounds, from 155 pounds to 135. I've never been below 145 at this height (5'9") so I may wish to go further. I'm not giving myself a time limit on the full 20 pounds but will on my short term goals.

My first short term goal is to lose 3 pounds by Tuesday, October 31. This should not be difficult as I always lose that water weight at the beginning of a weight loss plan, plus I am just getting done with my period.

The biggest change I'd like to make is my activity level. I am very lazy. I don't do any active things for enjoyment. I have a desk job. Having a regular exercise plan is difficult for me as I work 12 1/2 hour shifts, third shift. When I get home from work I go right to bed and don't get up until it's time to go to work again when I work successive days. However, I do get four days off a week. I plan to walk/jog and/or do a video one day in my three day stretch of working, plus work out three of my four days off. That will be a huge change for me.

At this time I am not counting calories, just listing what I eat. I've been watching what I eat for 15 years and don't usually need to count to know whether or not I'm staying in a good range. I also use a food scale for things that I have difficulty measuring by eye...like cereal or pasta. If I find myself falling I may start to count, and sometimes counting motivates me.

I plan to drink 6-8 oz cups of water a day. I don't usually drink water unless I'm hungover. I'm a big coffee and beer drinker. At least I don't really drink soda. I do not plan to cut beer out of my diet. It is just not happening. But I will stop drinking when I'm drunk instead of continuing to drink until I remember nothing...that should save a few hundred calories on the average night of drinking.

My first week of listings will not be that great. My best friend is visiting from Ohio and that means lots of drinking and a few bad eating times as we will be on the run visiting friends and such. I'm going to make sure to make better choices, but they will not be as good as what I would like to do.

Also, I don't post everyday. I don't have the internet at home because I'm cheap. I will probably go to my mom's house often enough.

I will weigh myself very regularly. I find I do better if I weigh myself every day, or every other day so I can make changes when I gain a pound or two, instead of after I've gained five. Plus, a little tiny weight loss will motivate me to do really good and a little tiny weight gain won't put me into despair.

I think that is all. I start tomorrow!

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